Please see the Royal College of Ophthalmologist MSF guidance below: 

The MSF must be performed electronically via the on-line Royal College portfolio. 

MSFs must be conducted on at least an annual basis.

The trainee identifies 15 people who can be approached to give feedback. The list should include consultant supervisors and trainers, college tutor/programme director, other trainees, Rota organizer, allied health professionals (nurses, orthoptists, optometrists), clerical/secretarial/administrative staff.

The College suggest that the MSF should be completed 8 weeks before your Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). Local guidance is to complete the MSF from 6 months in placement but no later than 3 months before the ARCP to ensure complete MSFs for date of assessment. 

Further guidance is available on the Royal College of Ophthalmologist website