Trainees with one research day (two periods) per week 8 points annually           
Trainees with one half-day research (one period) per week  4 points annually
Point Allocations
1)   Research
Paper in peer-reviewed journal    6 points
Chapter in book  2 – 4 points
Case report 3 points
Case report for case-book exit exam 2 points
2)   Audit 
Completed local audit  2 points
Completed regional audit   3 points
3)   Presentations / Posters 
At local meeting  1 point
At regional meeting   2 points
At national or international meeting  3 points
4)   Training 
Per day as a trainer or instructor on a course 1 point
5)   Completion of a College examination  3 points

6)   Other use of research periods to be discussed with educational supervisor, where research periods may be used for

formal teaching or courses e.g: surgical skills, management courses etc...   
attending extra specialist clinics or laser / theatre sessions  
other opportunities (ECDL, MBA or MSC, BOSU, medical journalism, etc...)